About us

Voxbeam Telecommunications is the latest business venture of the British entrepreneur Paul Cusack.

Our history

During Paul's time in his previous business—Ebuyer (UK) Limited—he travelled extensively, racking up huge telephone bills. During one of these trips he researched how he could reduce his phone bill and found the technology of Voice Over IP (VoIP).

After many months of research, numerous courses, and building up relationships with many of the largest VoIP providers around the world, he has come up with a wholesale service that provides low-cost calling solutions to service providers, fixed and mobile operators, calling card providers and ITSPs around the world. With the help of a dedicated programming team, Voxbeam Telecommunications allows business owners to provide low cost solutions for outsourcing their international call termination.

The Voxbeam Team is constantly working on new ideas and concepts that will enhance your communication while retaining the ease of use you have come to expect.

Honesty, transparency, reliability

At Voxbeam we want to be transparent with our customers. We provide a business address, a dedicated in-house support team, and post our rates directly on the website for everyone to view. You can easily predict how much each call will cost you before your customers dial.

A secure service

Voxbeam takes the privacy and security of our customers very seriously. Our development team has many years of experience creating and maintaining safe, secure e-commerce websites and networks, and has employed industry-standard security measures to ensure the integrity of our customers' data.

Why choose Voxbeam

  • Our prepaid model allows you to reach the highest quality at the lowest possible price. We do not require contracts or volume commitments, and you can get started in a matter of minutes, not days.
  • Benefit from lower prices due to our large volume and purchasing power as a VoIP wholesale provider.
  • Have access to the highest quality VoIP carriers around the world by signing up for a Voxbeam account.
  • Receive dedicated personal assistance from our bilingual account managers.
  • Access advanced online reporting tools for viewing pricing, CDR and quality information from your Voxbeam account.
  • Choose your preferred quality and price combination with our three service levels: Platinum, Gold, and Silver.
  • Plan your business decisions in advance with our 7 day rate deck released weekly.
  • Our in-house development allows us to have the flexibility to meet your individual business needs.
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