Wholesale VoIP termination rates

Voxbeam Direct IP Voice

The highest quality service. We guarantee direct partnerships around the world. Full CLI features are supported on these routes and you will get exceptional retail quality calls.

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Voxbeam Premium IP Voice

Quality-focused route ideal for consumer services. We constantly monitor our traffic to ensure we deliver high ASRs, ACDs, and low PDD.

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Voxbeam Standard IP Voice

Ideal for price-oriented services. We don't guarantee any quality level but do our utmost to ensure each route delivers calls for your customers.

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Voxbeam Call Center IP Voice

We have developed our call center route to address the challenges in providing call center traffic that has low average call duration (ACD) and high call per minute (CPM). We have engineered this route to only use carriers who have shown a tolerance for this type of traffic.

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