Frequently Asked Questions

Account and Billing Queries

What payment methods do you accept?
Wire Transfer - No limit to the amount we will accept. Please ensure that you elect to pay all charges as we will only credit your account with the total funds received into our bank account. Unfortunately if the transfer is not completed via ACH method a charge of $15 will be deducted from the amount we receive.
Paypal Mass - No limit to the amount we will accept. PayPal Mass Payment option is used to transfer a positive PayPal balance from your account directly to ours. If you do not have money in your PayPal account, this option will not work.
Paypal Express - No limit to the amount we will accept on condition that account is FULLY VERIFIED & ADDRESS CONFIRMED. There is a charge of 2.5% fee. We require a government issued photo ID and utility bill (for example, gas bill, electricity bill, cable bill). This needs to be uploaded for each new paypal account you would like to use on the Verification Documents Page
Credit Card - Payments will be accepted up to $ in any 24 hour period. We require a copy of the latest credit card statement, copies of the front and back of the card (blanking out the middle 8 digits) and Government issued photo ID. This needs to be uploaded for each new card you would like to use on the Verification Documents Page. A charge of 2.5% will be deducted from payments.
Skrill Payment - No limit to the amount we will accept. A fee of 2.5% + $0.20 will be deducted from any funds received.
Please note: In addition to the above ID requirements, under certain circumstances further ID may be required or a third party mandate completed if the payer is not the same as the account holder.
What is the smallest amount I can top-up?
There is a minimum top-up value of $50. This minimises our admin expenses, allowing us to keep rates low.
Can I make some test calls before crediting my account?
Once you have registered for your free account, you will be given a small amount of credit to test the service.
Why have my calls been cut off when I still have $10 in my account?
Unlike other companies that charge for channels, Voxbeam only requires that you keep a minimum deposit on your account equal to the number of channels that you have open. If you choose to reduce your channels in the future, these funds will be available for you to use. Therefore, if you have 10 channels, you must keep a minimum balance of $10 on your account at all times. This means that your calls will be stopped when your balance reaches $10.

Website Queries

How do I register for a Voxbeam account?
You can sign up on-line for free on the Voxbeam website. Simply visit the Registration page and fill out the form.
How do I download a rate list in CSV format?
You can download a CSV rate file on the Rates page.
How do I view or download my CDR / call records?
When logged in to the Voxbeam website, you can visit the Call Records page to view your CDRs on-line, or download them as a CSV.

Technical Queries

What dialling format should I use to send calls?
Please send calls in e164 format with the prefix for the route you’d like to use (see below) as follows: prefix + country code + area code + number
How do I choose between the Platinum, Gold and Silver IP Voice routes?
To use Voxbeam Platinum IP Voice, prefix the number with 0011102, for Voxbeam Gold IP Voice, prefix the number being dialled with 0011101, or if you would like to use Voxbeam Silver IP Voice, prefix the number with 0011103.
You can learn more about our different routes on the services page, and review the pricing in our ratessection.
What audio codecs does Voxbeam support?
We support the G.729a and G.723 codecs for all of our routes. Additionally, the G.711u, G.711a, and G.726 codecs are supported for most.
How can I use Asterisk to send calls to Voxbeam?

Voxbeam Platinum IP Voice
                exten => _X.,1,Dial(SIP/0011102${EXTEN}
Voxbeam Gold IP Voice
                exten => _X.,1,Dial(SIP/0011101${EXTEN}
Voxbeam Silver IP Voice
                exten => _X.,1,Dial(SIP/0011103${EXTEN}
Voxbeam Call Center IP Voice
                exten => _X.,1,Dial(SIP/0011104${EXTEN}

Support Queries

How do I report a problem with the service?
When you are logged in to the Voxbeam website, you can visit the Contact Us page to report a fault.
Do you offer telephone support?
Yes, simply call us between 3am and 6pm EST.

DID Queries

What is a DID number?
DID stands for Direct Inward Dialing and is also known as DDI (Direct Dial-In) in Europe. It is a local geographic or national telephone number typically used to provide access for customers from a regular land-line to non-PSTN destinations such as VoIP. Voxbeam delivers calls in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), which make our DIDs easy to integrate with any voice platform or application.
What are the advantages of using a DID?
When you purchase a DID from Voxbeam, your telephone number is no longer limited by geographical boundaries. Callers from your telephone number’s local calling area pay local rates instead of long distance or international rates when they call you.
For example, consider that you have a business headquartered in the United States, but you have customers located in London, Hong Kong, and Jerusalem. If you purchase DIDs in these cities, your customers could dial those numbers and pay only local rates to connect with your phone in the United States.
How do I order DIDs?
To order DIDs, please download the order form at Dids. Please note that there are four pages on the order form, and you may switch between the pages by clicking on the tabs at the bottom left of the form. These tabs are labeled Overview, DIDs, Trunks, and Coverage.
Overview: Please fill out the requested information including Voxbeam Account Name, Email Address, SIP URI to which you would like your DIDs forwarded, and specify the particular areas you would like your DIDs.
DIDs: Voxbeam provides two options for purchasing DIDs:
  • Individual DIDs, No Trunk (Column on the left): To select this option, simply place the number of DIDs you require next to the appropriate countries.
  • DIDs with Trunk (Column on the right) To select this option, place the number of DIDs you require next to the appropriate countries, and click on the tab labeled Trunks to order channels.
Trunks: Use this page if you selected the second option for purchasing DIDs.
A trunk is a grouping of channels within a certain zone. You must select the number of channels that you would like for your trunk. The number of channels you select is equivalent to the number of simultaneous incoming calls that you can receive. These channels may be shared across all your DIDs as long as you select the appropriate zone.
To select the appropriate zone, find the countries in which your DIDs are located and choose the zone where coverage overlaps. For example, US DIDs are covered by Zones B, C, and World. If you only had DIDs in the US, your cheapest option would be to select channels in Zone B. However, if you wanted to be able to share channels with UK DIDs, you would have to select Zone World because this is the only zone in which these two countries overlap.
Coverage: To view our complete coverage of countries and cities, please use this tab.
What is the difference between the two options for purchasing DIDs?
Individual DIDs no trunk:
Benefit: Less expensive option for users who do not expect their DIDs to require more than 2 incoming calls at a time.
Limitations: You are limited to a total 10,000 inbound minutes regardless of how many DIDs you have purchased. If you have many DIDs then you can reach this limit quickly and may face surcharges of $0.01 per minute for calls beyond 10,000 minutes a month.
DIDs with trunk:
Benefit: Unlimited inbound minutes without any extra cost for going beyond 10,000 minutes. This is the best option for calling card providers that need more than 2 concurrent calls.
Limitations: You are only limited by your trunk size. If you have a 5 channel trunk then you can have 5 concurrent calls at all times. This is a total that is shared across all of your DIDs. If you have DIDs and only 5 channels then only 5 of those DIDs can receive calls at the same time.
How do I pay for my DIDs?
You must create an account at Register in order to be able to pay for your DID purchases. If you already have an account for A-Z termination, you may use your existing Voxbeam account for DIDs.
Voxbeam offers DIDs at fixed monthly rates with no per-minute charges. Pricing varies by the location of your DIDs. You may view the prices on the DID order form mentioned above. For every DID purchase, there is a one-time setup fee taken at the time of purchase and a monthly recurring cost. The monthly recurring cost is removed on the 25th of every month, and you must ensure that you have the proper amount of funds in your Voxbeam account to avoid losing your DIDs.
What IP addresses do I need to add to my device in order to be able to receive calls through Voxbeam?
Please accept calls from, and
Is there a minimum order for DIDs?
No, you may order as many or as few DIDs as you would like.
Do you have an API to manage my DIDs?
Yes, please log into your Voxbeam account, and click the tab for “DID Management” to manage your DIDs.
How do I search for a specific number using the DID Management tool?
Enter the number, starting with the country code, in the DID Number Search Box to search your Voxbeam DIDs, then click Search on the DID Management Homepage.
Can I download a full list of all DIDs assigned to my Voxbeam account?
Yes, click the “Download CSV of all DIDs and trunks details” button located above the “DID Number Search” box on the DID Management Homepage.
How do I edit the default IP/SIP URI to which my Trunk is provisioned?
On the DID Management Homepage, click the “Edit Trunk” button, enter the IP/SIP URI to which you would like your Trunk to be provisioned in the “SIP Endpoint URI” box, and click “Update Trunk.” Note: This will be the IP/SIP URI all of your DIDs will point to by default if an IP is not manually set at the DID level.
How do I tell which DIDs are assigned to which Trunk?
On the DID Management Homepage, click the “View DIDs” button to view your DIDs and their corresponding trunks.
Is it possible to change the IP/SIP URI that an individual DID is pointed to without editing the IP/SIP URI of the entire trunk?
Yes, to change the IP/SIP URI of just one DID, click the “View DIDs” button on the DID Management homepage, find the DID you wish to edit and click the “Edit DID” button, enter the IP/SIP URI to which you would like your DID to be pointed in the box labeled “SIP Endpoint URI”, and click “Update DID.” Note: If the “SIP Endpoint URI” box is left empty, the DID will point to the Default IP/SIP URI set at the trunk level on the DID management homepage.
Can I limit the number of channels a specific DID can utilize on my trunk?
Yes, click the “View DIDs” button on the DID Management Homepage. Then, find the DID you wish to edit and click the “Edit DID” button. Enter the number of channels you would like to limit this specific DID to in the the box labeled “Channels”, and click “Update DID”. Note: This value cannot be greater than the number of channels on the trunk.
Is number porting available?
Currently we can port many international numbers to our service. If you are interested in this option, please email for further information, and include a list of numbers you are interested in porting so we can provide an accurate quote.
Are large blocks of sequential DIDs available?
Yes, in the USA and UK we can provide up to 1,000 sequential DIDs in certain areas. Large orders may be subject to additional terms or commitments depending on the order size and location. Please send your questions to for specific quotes and pricing.
Can Voxbeam help me configure my equipment?
We currently do not have enough support staff to provide consulting level support without neglecting other issues (termination customers, etc). We can provide traces and very broad advice, but not specific consulting on an individual basis.
Do Voxbeam DIDs support SMS?
SMS is available on some USA DIDs. Please ask for specific areas or limitations.
Are Toll-Free DIDs available?
At this time, Voxbeam does not offer Toll-Free DIDs.

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