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DID only $8.00 $8.00
DID with capacity $6.00 $6.00
The pricing above is for 1 DID. Channels must be purchased separately if you select a DIDs with capacity package.

DID coverage for Chile

Antofagasta (565553) ANTOFAGASTA_ (5655) Antofagasta__ (56552)
Arica (56582) Chillan (564245) Concepcion (5641)
Copiapo (56522) Curico (5675) Iquique (56572)
La Serena (56512) National (5644) Santiago (562)
Talca (5671) Temuco (56452) Temuco (564594)
Valdivia (56632) VALPARAISO_322_CL (56322) Valparaiso (563225)


DIDs in this country are subject to the following restrictions:

CLI may not be supported for international calls

National numbers may be unreachable from some operators outside the country

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