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DID only $6.00 $1.00
DID with capacity $6.00 $0.40
The pricing above is for 1 DID. Channels must be purchased separately if you select a DIDs with capacity package.

DID coverage for Germany

AACHEN (49241) BALINGEN (497433) Berlin (4930)
Bremen (494213) Dortmund (49231) Frankfurt (4969)
Hamburg (4940) Hamburg (494030) Hannover (495113)
Hannover_ (49511) Karlsruhe (49721) LEIPZIG (49341)
Mainz (496131) Munich (4989) National (493222)
Neuss (492131) Nuremberg (49911) NUREMBERG_DE (49911)
Rosenheim (498031) Schwedt (493332) Stuttgart (49711)

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To purchase DIDs in this country, you will need the following requirements:

Address - Any address in the country.

Utility bill in the city desired and address in the city.

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